1 - Tailor your covering letter and CV to each job you apply for.

2 - Ask about the format of the interview – will it a series of one-to-one interviews or a half-day assessment with tests and business simulations?

3 - Do practice interviews with a friend, mentor or coach and ask for candid feedback.

4 - Be ready to talk about half a dozen big projects and achievements in detail.

5 - Follow the interviewer’s lead – no matter how stupid you think the question is.

6 - Be ready to explain the gaps and questions posed by your CV.

7 - Be prepared to talk about the competitive environment and strategic issues facing the interviewer’s organisation.

8- Research the strengths the employer believes it possesses.

9- Understand the increasingly popular competence-based interview.

10- When asked about your weaknesses, don’t use stock responses such as "I am a perfectionist". They sound too rehearsed.