New Laws On Mobile Phone Use


On the 1st of December 2003 new legislation will come into effect concerning the use of mobile phones while driving.


 The following information will be mandatory to all people who drive.


What is not legal?


It will be an offence whilst driving to use a handheld device to:





The use of a hand held phone, even when stationary eg. in a traffic jam or at the traffic lights will remain an offence.


In addition, the drivers, who use hands-free phones could also face prosecution for failing to have proper control of their vehicle, if their driving is considered to be dangerous or reckless because of distraction.


The penalties:


Fixed penalty fine of £30 and 3 points on to offenders licence for using a hand-held phone whilst driving.


A possible fine of up to £1,000 may also be applied on conviction (£2,500 for drivers of goods vehicles or those manufactured or adopted to carry 9 or more passengers).